How to Configure Gmail for POP3 and SMTP

Configure Gmail for POP3 and SMTP

This guide will show you how to set up an email account with POP3 and SMTP in Gmail.
Step 1 – Sign in to Gmail and go to Settings
Step 2 – Add an email account
Step 3 – Enter your email address
Step 4 – Make sure to import using POP
Step 5 – Enter your POP server settings
Step 6 – Confirm Sending from Gmail
Step 7 – Enter From Name
Step 8 – Enter SMTP Server Settings
Step 9 – Open your Gmail verification email
Step 10 – Enter your verification code
Step 11 – Check your settings

Please note the following limitations before proceeding:

  • Gmail only allows you to set up your email using POP, not IMAP. In other words, emails are downloaded but not synced to the server.
  • Gmail only downloads emails from your inbox. Emails in other folders such as “Sent” and “Drafts” will not be downloaded.
  • By default, Gmail downloads emails and deletes them from its servers. We recommend enabling the option to leave a copy of your emails on the server. This will allow you to continue to access your email through webmail
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